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All catalogs and books hardbound unless otherwise noted.

Carlsson, Jae. Tabula Rasa. Centaur: 2013.  Catalog of Erik ReeL solo exhibition at the 643 Project Space, Ventura, California in April 2013.

Arconi, Nikki. Painting: Catalog 1250 -1456. Centaur: 2011.

Erik ReeL: Painting: Catalog 1352-1401. Centaur: 2010.

Erik ReeL: Works on Paper. Centaur: 2009.

Erik ReeL: Paintings. Centaur: 2009.

Chaos. Exhibition catalog. 2009. First publication of post-SCIN 1250  paintings.

Erik ReeL. Face to Face. New World: 2008. With artist's statement Letter to a painting from the edge of a continent.  Also in softbound.

Erik ReeL: paintings and drawings. Centaur: 2008.  Survey of early work with over 110 plates.