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Erik ReeL is a contemporary artist addressing post-conceptual issues related to mark making and signification.

Erik ReeL is represented in collections around the world, including New York City, Berlin, London, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Paris, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Chicago, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Houston, Seattle, Minneapolis, San Diego, Santa Fe [NM], and Indianapolis.

ReeL works primarily in liquid acrylics combined with various drawing media such as soft pastels, colored pencils, and charcoal as well as original prints in small editions.

"ReeL's [painting] technique exhibits a high degree of transparency, layering, sfgraffito and graffitto, with a strong sense of hand, the hand-made, and an absence of any references to the material world. This work can be seen as a thorough-going critique of materialism, the machine or machine-made, and the triumph of feeling over the manufactured. For ReeL, marking is a defining characteristic of the human and the primordial act of signification and meaning for human consciousness." - Nikki Arconi

ReeL maintains a studio in Ventura, California, north of Los Angeles.